Our Dreams and Nightmares


From 'Our Dreams and Nightmares' 2008
artists aged 15-20 from Lajee Center, www.lajee.org




“I dream about freedom . . .” Abeer Malash

“My nightmares are about the Wall which surrounds us.” Abeer Malash

“I have nightmares that the Israeli soldiers will kill somebody who I love or one of my friends.” Basil Sarhan

“My dream is to be a farmer so that I can help make Palestine green once more.” Basil Sarhan

“In my nightmares I see a lonely and old face. Time is passing and I’m afraid that one day this face will be mine . . .” Kholoud Ajarma

“My dream is to live in a world full of innocence and hope.” Kholoud Ajarma


“My dream is that with my culture and my studies I will build a better future.” Layan Al Azza

“My nightmares are full of blood . . . Last year my brother was shot whilst playing in my bedroom.” Layan Al Azza

“My dream is to see all Palestinian prisoners released from the Occupation prisons.” Marwan Farajeh

“My nightmare is to see the Occupation and our suffering continue without end.” Marwan Farajeh

“My dream is to be a famous footballer and be the captain of the Palestinian team.” Mohammad Walid Al Azzeh

“I have nightmares about being taken away to an Occupation prison. During the nights the soldiers come to the camp and arrest many children. This means that we cannot continue our studies.” Mohammad Walid Al Azzeh

“I dream about being granted the Right of Return to our original villages which were occupied by Israel in 1948.” Nimer Al Azzeh

My nightmare is that the economic situation will continue to get worse and no body will have any work.” Nimer Al Azzeh

“My nightmare is people close to me dying because death separates us from those we love.” Shorouk Malla

“I dream about breaking down the sieges and checkpoints so we can move around Palestine and about moving from one country to another with freedom.” Shorouk Malla





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