Al-Nakba Vigil


15 May 2008

AFOPA in collaboration with the Romero Community in Adelaide held a one hour vigil in Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia. Around 50 people attended the vigil carrying banners calling for peace and justice in Palestine. Flyers were also distributed which calls on the Government to adopt an even handed policy and to pass a motion acknowledging the 60 years suffering of the Palestinian people. Copies of the advertisement which appeared on four major newspaper on that day was also handed out to passers by during the vigil.

Amongst the protestors was the son of well known Palestinian immigrant to El Salvador, Shafiq Handal who led the opposition coalition, FMLN, for many years and ran for the presidency in 2004. He lost to another Palestinian immigrant from Bethlehem Anthony Sacca. Mr Handal was a close friend of Bolvian president Evo Morales, Cuba's Fidel Castro, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, and Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega. Mr Handal is a member of the El Salvador Parliament.

The photos below were taken during the vigil.




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